Develop for iOS on Windows: an Alternative Way to Test Your Idea

Official programs for Windows to write iOS apps don’t exist (and they are unlikely ever to appear). However, there are still several ways to develop for ios on windows. Of course, with such an app you won’t get a top-notch fully functional product, but you will get an opportunity to understand how everything works and the iOS app development is.

Tools to Develop for iOS on Windows

  • Unity 3D is a game engine and editor that uses Boo and C # and works on both Windows and Mac.
  • Stonetrip S3D is a game engine and editor that uses LUA and runs on Windows.

These game engines allow you to create apps on Windows, however, you will need a Mac to test / compile them.

  • Appcelerator Titanium - A good solution with a fairly wide and lively audience. Applications do not require high performance, since they are created using html / javascript and can be compiled as standard applications and sent to the AppStore.
  • Airplay SDK - Airplay SDK allows you to create games and develop your iOS apps on Windows. A great solution for both 2D and 3D games and apps, thanks to a free offer from independent developers

Both of these options can compile the standard iPhone code directly on your Windows. A large number of applications available in the AppStore was developed with their help.

  • Dragonfire SDK - An interesting way to develop apps that use their own SDK on Windows. Next, you send them your source code, which they compile, and you download the already finished iOS application file. You load your code to compile to their server (assuming you have the Ultimate version). Its syntax is good, and it is quite popular, and is also a good packer with a successful Windows simulator.

There are a couple of other solutions that are either still being tested, or are paid without any trial versions (or even in some cases without screenshots), or just have not yet come out. Many of these seem to be simplified versions of the Dragonfly SDK, which allows you to develop iPhone apps on Windows by compiling your source code. Airplay SDK is probably currently the most advanced "iOS Software for Windows", available for free.

Developing Apps for iOS on Windows

If you really decided to create apps for the iPhone on Windows and do not even want to buy a Mac Mini, then you can use html / javascript programs, such as Appcelerator / PhoneGap or Airplay SDK, and then find someone from the Mac and ask them to help you.

In fact, professional developers never use such tools to develop fully fledged business apps. If you need a specialised tool for business, you should better contact our iOS app development company and discuss your project. We are always ready to help with the development for iOS on Windows, just drop us a line.


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