Professional Smartphone App Development

In our mobile app development company, we take the ideas of the customers and convert them into mobile applications of the highest quality and functionality. Look here.

We have worked with many clients from different industries and countries and have assembled a professional smartphone app development team, mature in working with B2B and B2C companies, quickly understanding their requirements and familiar with the main wishes of the target audience.

Mobile experience

Our app development team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in software, and we are ready to offer products that meet the needs of your business, whether it is a large company or a new company. The qualified smartphone app developers will collaborate with customers to create outstanding mobile software that will target users and create value for the organization. Our deep understanding of web and mobile technologies allows us to create high quality products that stand out from our competitors.

  • Development of IOS applications Creating applications for iOS devices is a complex task for IT professionals to increase sales due to the cost of solvent operators in the App Store service. Our mobile client is very popular among iPhone and iPad users.
  • Android software development is a process of analysis, preparation, design, mobile design and coding, testing and launch of competing products from Google Play.
  • Development of web applications for smartphones is a commercial improvement at any level of complexity, creating online portals, online stores, showrooms, electronic products and other resources on the Internet with mobile payments online.

Why is it important to have a smartphone app?

The ultimate goal of app development is to create a better image, increase commercial profits due to the popularity of software on the Internet and the benefits of:

  • Increase loyalty
  • Efficiency growth
  • Optimizing performance
  • New customer commitment
  • Business process automation
  • Update management system

Develop a smartphone app: what you should know about this process

As a proven digital time expert who has delivered hundreds of smartphone and tablet solutions, we want to share some important things you should know before opening. Build your smartphone product Everything starts with a simple concept. But to understand this concept, many problems must happen.

Well-thought decision

As we said, every step of the way starts with a great idea. But when the eureka period ends, it is time to think carefully to make the right decision. You must be prepared to take on the challenge of creating a digital solution that is easy to use and attractive to users. It should also provide a good experience for smartphone users. When choosing your program, there must be a multifunctional, high-performance, high-quality program available in the digital market. But at the same time, there is something unique.

Is it easy to develop an app?

The software development processes range from planning to the design of the screen and the improvement of the user interface. At each stage, you should be anxious to understand simplicity, reduce unnecessary work and maintenance. Week will need to develop a simple icon. But if it makes quality work, your efforts and investments will be worth it. So, if after all you still want to enter the world of great software development, here are some things you should know.

Code writing skills

You must have at least one person in the team who specializes in IT. Software development is a complicated process, which requires knowledge of skills and language, programming, structure, design tools and other technologies. For sure, you can learn the basics of coding. But it takes time. Smartphone applications are a mixture of substances, and you must be sure that every component works well and is connected. Graphics are another important thing, so you should have a professional designer on your computer and create different sounds in the song if you want to create a game. Always remember that the important thing is not alone. But consider technology only. But also creative Both characteristics are important if you want your product to be popular.

Select the platform

One of the first questions that can arise when you start a mobile software project is the mobile platform to choose from. As a professional developer with many years of experience, we invite you to start with the development of iOS because the operating system of your smartphone is more stable and secure, and only supports two devices, the iPhone and the iPad. As in the case of Android, creating a program for iOS allows you to verify that everything works well with the help of a single device and when. Stop interrupting the app for iOS, so you can start with the development of Android.

What should a mobile solution have?

Depending on the type of software you want to create: push notifications, user logins, e-commerce tools, games, integration of payment providers, social communication work methods, tools to add effects. etc. most applications are integrated with social communication channels, which allows you to share messages and send them to friends, so do not forget to include this function in the software requirements.

What is the most difficult part to develop?

We asked this question to our developers and determined that the developer's new mistake was a lack of interest in the UI projects and inadequate quality control procedures recently in the company. Our developers have designed programs for iOS and Android and we know that the number of users and the time dedicated to the program has grown. To force customers to use your app, make sure it is attractive and well-behaved, functioning properly and stable under maximum traffic pressure.

Never stop updating

You should be ready to enter the market. It's time to see what users want and what stop them from using the analysis tools to improve the operation of the app, not to fall behind the latest trends and correct errors and errors. It is not important, that by the way appeared. We recommend that you regularly check the store to see the main applications of its category and competitor. Do everything possible to reach the peak. The trends change constantly. For example, when iOS starts for the first time, it is likely the original graphics. Now it is the minimalism that is on the lists. So ready for the rhythm.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The tests are one of the most important steps to develop a smartphone app that should not be ignored. Before launching your product and testing it with real users, you must perform rigorous tests with the simulator, a tool that allows you to monitor software on various smartphone devices without physical access. Here are some popular models for mobile operating systems that you can use to control your app:

  • Android SDK Simulator: an official simulator of Android device that represents all the functions and hardware of the device. (Except phone)
  • Google Android Simulator: you can configure this emulator as a simple desktop app without having to load the full Android SDK, which can take a lot of time and memory space. This simulator is for Android applications.
  • MobiOne is a unified Windows network design environment that allows to program, test and install applications on devices that run on platforms such as iOS, Android, and more.
  • iPhoney: a simulator of a web browser environment that works with Safari. It is useful if you develop a website and want to look and feel on the iPhone. It is not an iPhone simulator, but it is still a useful tool for professionals. Web development that requires verification of the site on a smartphone. Supports the latest version of iOS.
  • TestiPhone is another web browser emulator for iPhone web applications. Tools for smartphones iPhone works with IE, Firefox and Safari browsers.
  • Automation of the Windows user interface: If you want to test an app that uses Microsoft Automation Automation technology, you must ensure that you have Windows Automation API installed on your computer. It is predefined in Windows 7 and later versions. If you utilize other systems, you can download it from the official Microsoft site.
Errors to avoid

A common mistake that many entrepreneurs often make due to lack of experience in developing applications is to invest a lot of money in a popular solution with many exceptional features that no one else can. For It is the best way to start with MVP (minimum product), then expand the needs of your business and change the business environment. With MVP, you can see where your product comes from. Your goals and clients are ready to pay for the answer and the address.

Pay attention to the details

Last but not least to avoid in the planning of the app. The app makes life easier, allowing us to create shopping lists, add events to the calendar, watch movies when traveling, work or chat with friends, but there are also many things about the smartphone project that sometimes bother us. We eliminated some applications. Our experts think that the most popular user list is claimed in the smartphone software:

  • Too many emails
  • Persuasive push to press
  • When the software is not updated and the error is still not resolved
  • Frequent requests to evaluate applications
  • Optional Facebook permissions when necessary for functionality
  • Full screen ad
  • Content not optimized only by text

For more than 8 years, our digital firm has delivered hundreds of successful projects for globally recognized brands and startups in industries around the globe. We are not afraid of any challenge.

Why is iOS so good for beginners?

The experts from our team believe that iOS is a fantastic option for amateur developers. The interface is simple, which is not easy for new designers. Apple develops an easy-to-use integrated environment that allows you to use the components you need. The use of iOS development tools is the main reason why almost all applications are initially launched on iOS and are designed specifically for Android and other platforms.

  • AMD
  • intel
  • PlayStation

Rely on the experts in smartphone app development

Our mobile programming specialists often take the time to research your business to make sure that the product fits perfectly to your target audience and answer your goals to ensure that every aspect of the program is perfectly polished. Our enthusiastic and qualified team continues with our mission to provide high performance, easy to use and high technology solutions that work for your success.